Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthers. Trump. Madness.

I'm not going to link to anything as I imagine you pay some attention to the news out there.

Our President released a long-form birth certificate yesterday. Something he should have never had to do, which is why I suspect it took so long for the White House to release it. Have to humor those insane conspiracy theorists out there (who, might I add, are never satisfied).

Many people have said it, and I'm starting to believe it: if Barack Obama was white and named Joe Smith, no one would question his citizenship. A lot of the problems he's facing has a lot more to do with race than I would have ever imagined. There are some serious fundamental fears in this country revolving around other colors and other faiths outside of white Christians.

I'm at a loss of what to say to all of this madness. Well. Not entirely, obviously. I'm just so flabbergasted that this kind of crap would be tolerated by even the mainstream media in this country. The "birthers," as they're often referred to, have actually made it on to television sets across this nation, into the homes of millions. What would once be just some kind of minority conspiracy theory has actually made it all the way to Donald Trump's desk.

Of course anything Trump does is suspect, since he's for sale every second of every day. If it scores him a few extra bucks, he'll do it. Like Craig Ferguson says, the man was able to bankrupt a casino - something that mathematically shouldn't happen. Ever.

I'm appalled at what people in this country will eat up and spit out as mantra. I'm disappointed that so many people are acting so ridiculously. I don't know where the rational majority are. We can't all be this stupid.

Meanwhile, the average price of a gallon of gasoline is hovering around $4, and people are still buying Hummers. We're at war in 3 different nations. The young men we send to fight our wars are coming home, scarred for their spared lives. We're poisoning our air, our water, our children. Corporations can sway elections legally. Unions have lost their ability to collectively bargain - the entire purpose of a union. On the other end of the union spectrum, our unions have a stranglehold on our public schools.

Am I alone in feeling completely and entirely overwhelmed by the bad stuff happening out there? How do you feel about everything? What do you find your most pressing issue to be??


Kate! said...

The whole birther thing has pissed me off from the start. I agree that this probably wouldn't have been an issue, had his name been Joe.

My husband agrees with you- he doesn't think that the birth certificate should have been released. Ever. I don't think that he should have had to, but as soon as the main stream media picked up on it, and it was no longer just a fringe idea, they should have addressed the issue, released the document, and moved on.

What really bothers me about the whole thing is that the tea party has gained such momentum. It's highly manufactured and on the other end of the spectrum from what a "grass roots" movement would be, and still people are identifying with it. It's actually the perfect party for Mr. Trump.

Michelle said...

We saw the birth certificate thing on the news over here and my husband and I were dumbfounded. Did that ever happen to Bush? Hmm, we suspect not.

For about the past year we have had a female Prime Minister (our first) and the amount of media airtime spent discussing her hair, her clothes, her lack of children and that she is not married is infuriating.

Sassafrass said...

Kate, I agree that as soon as the media started with the whole thing, the White House should have just shut them down early. That's how I would have dealt with it, I guess. But I understand why they did what they did.

Michelle, it's interesting to hear how the first female prime minister is accepted. I didn't even think of the fashion end of things! How strange to have her wardrobe, her lack of marriage and children, and her hair talked about on mainstream media.

I guess it goes to show that racism AND sexism is not even close to being dead in this world. :(

Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

As I see it, the scale is definitely off balance in the "evil" direction. I'm fed up with all of it. Have been for a while, but never thought so many people and the media would put up with such extremes. We are definitely living in unprecedented times, and the proverbial pimple is almost ready to pop. Nice to know others feel the same way...

Anonymous said...

Please don't be so quick to alledge racism ironically the birther movement was started by progressives challenging whether John McCain was qualified to be president because of his Panamanian roots. - Greg

Sassafrass said...

Hi Greg, thanks for stopping by!

I'm not too sure what else you would call what's happening in our political arena today. Do you believe people would question the citizenship of an rich white man if he were to run for the office of President?

I can't really tell what more you're trying to say; your punctuation can only allow me to hazard a guess: I'm not sure why you would think two wrongs make a right regarding McCain's citizenship.

I'm not even sure why you're saying the birther "movement" originated with "progressives." I myself am I progressive and I pay very close attention to politics, particularly things like NPR and the BBC.

At no point was McCain's citizenship at question or even debated in the media I read/heard/saw. I don't recall it being mentioned, let alone widely discussed as a serious issue as Obama's citizenship was debated in this country.

Maybe if Obama's name was something like "Johnson," "Smith," or "Jones" the right would be more willing to accept him as our Commander in Chief? Maybe if he dropped the "Hussein" he'd appear as less Muslim and more white?

Regardless, I'm glad you found your way here, irrespective of your political views. I always like a civil, intelligent conversation about politics. Feel free to respond, I'll be seeing if you have any follow-up opinions on the matter. Thanks for posting! I look forward to what else you have to say! :)