Friday, March 4, 2011

Winter Needles Summary

It's been a while since I mentioned yarn in any kind of way. This is probably because like most of you, I've been in a February rut. I'm so exhausted over bare trees, gray skies, and dirty mounds of ice snow.

I have a list of projects that I feel reflect my exhaustion.

Since Christmas, I haven't had the heart to pick up the cabled vest that I promised Ashley some months ago. The yarn is boring, the texture is boring, and I'm terrified that if I actually give her this damned thing, it will fit her as well as a potato sack. It's sitting on a shelf next to all of Chris's baseball card evaluation books, which get about as much use as the cabled vest. Sorry Ashley!

I made a couple of hoodies a few weeks ago for Chris's uncle's twin daughters. Those were actually kind of refreshing and different to do, and I enjoyed them. I didn't enjoy trying to find Lion Brand's Amazing in Pink Sands, though. Not a craft store in a 40 mile radius carried any the entire time I was knitting the sweaters. I had to pay $11 to order it off some website for which there was no free shipping. All I had left was maybe 2 inches or so on the hood! I needed just a few dozen more yards! But no.

I really liked how they came out, color-wise. Structure-wise, they were bland. I would never recommend anyone knit these up in one solid color unless they enjoy their children looking like a blank canvas. These were constructed with the sleeves and hood as separate pieces, which means if you should chose to try this pattern, you'll be doing some seaming.

I ended up giving A Noble Cowl a go after writing about it. I actually used some of the most fabulous yarn I've ever worked with. I'm still surprised at how fine and soft it is: Rowan Wool Cotton. This came out alright, but all-together too large to use as a cowl in any practical sense without a fashionable pin to hold it up against my neck. The color isn't done any justice in any of my photos (because I suck), but believe me when I tell you it feels divine!

For Christmas, a dear friend of mine organized a Secret Santa event on one of the forums we frequent. As a result, I received some fine yarn from an interesting fellow in Regina. For some reason, he picked Knitpicks.com instead of finding me some local yarn, but that's fine too. He sent along a couple of skeins of Knit Pick's Capra and I made up a pair of fingerless gloves called Fetching. They're actually very warm and comfy. So warm and comfy that I often find Chris wearing them and inevitably stretching them out. The cables work wonders in this. I love the 4x1 ribbing too, and I never have positive things to say about ribbing! This is a very quick knit and worth your effort if you're looking for some great fingerless gloves. It's also available as a free Ravelry download!

One last item that I finished just last week or so. The Counterpanes to Go bag by Joan McGowan-Michael. This was one of the more fun things I got to do this year. I saw an example of it at WEBS in Northampton. I had to hunt someone down and ask about where to find the pattern. It was in some book they didn't have, so I actually went out looking for it. This bag was a LOT of fun, and there are a lot of techniques in it. I wouldn't recommend it to someone who's just starting out with knitting, but for those of us who've been playing with sticks for a while, this is effectively a sampler turned into a useful bag. I think I went overboard with the US 6 though. This bag turned out huge and impractical for use. Unfortunate, because this bag turned out exactly as I wanted it to. It's just too big and too insecure to use.

So that's about it for the things I've been up to since Christmas, knit-wise. I made a pair of slippers for Chris to wear around the house so he doesn't have to wear my pink ones anymore. Funny thing is he likes the pink ones better than the new ones. I think he likes the clinginess of the felt against his feet like thick socks from the pink "clogs," which were made to fit my smaller feet.

What did you accomplish this winter? Did you learn anything new? Did you put a dent in your stash?


Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

You know about my projects from reading my blog, so I won't repeat myself here. Just wanted to say that I have always wanted to make fetching mitts AND that counterpane bag. I'm thinking about both again, now, and that's dangerous. Your work looks lovely!

Sassafrass said...

Your projects impress me, especially your speed. My GOD.

Thanks for the kind words!

ImplausibleYarn said...

Thank goodness February is over!! I am so ready for a new month.

knitinsage said...

i LOVE your projects! i love the natural colors you've chosen, as well.

i've wanted to try the noble cowl, but every time i think about doing it, i decide i want to invent my own lace pattern for it, i get side-tracked, and off we go ;-)

btw, lion brand website itself often has free shipping offered for a limited time -- i found this out after i ordered yarn, paid for shipping and then received the coupon by email HAHA! i know this would not probably not have coincided with your needs, but fyi in the future.

the hoodies are darling!