Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So I've been neglecting this space a lot lately. For those of you who actually read things here, I apologize.

I blame it on the prolonged cold of this damned winter. It's is dragging on, and I've gone from the typical February blues to March madness. Literally mad. At winter. The snow is pretty much completely gone here, and even some speckles of the grass is turning a fresh green, if you can see past all the dead grass. But that doesn't stop the temperatures from being most unpleasant. I just need a little color!

I want to break out my bike and feel some warm air on my face! I want to see some green in the trees, and the peepers at night! I wish I could leave the windows open at night and be woken up by birdsong, or even a rain shower!

In hopes of encouraging more nice outdoor activities, I had some free time last week, so I had a fire outside on the back porch. I loaded an audio book up on my iPod and knit fireside for a few hours.

I nearly froze to death, even with the fire. The sun was warm enough, but the wind wouldn't stop once I sat down. This really aggravated me, as there was no wind prior to my lighting the fire. The neighbors must think I'm crazy!

I've been wearing my Birkenstock sandals since early March. I refuse to wear anything else in principle, now. I'm not a fan of socks, so my feet are doomed, and it's all my own fault.

I want to dig up a whole new patch of yard for an 8x4 pseudo raised bed, but the cold prevents me, and I'm not sure the ground is even thawed out properly at this time of year.

I guess what I'm trying to express to you all is that I feel like some of the daffodil shoots in my front yard: I'm emerging, but cautiously. And I'm impatient! That sun just reminds me of how good it's going to be when it finally arrives!


Tasha said...

I'll trade you. It's going to already be in the 90s this weekend, and I'm pissed.

knitinsage said...

you all have had SUCH a long winter! hang in there!