Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am a very tacky person

I think one of the most tacky things I can think of that a person can do is decorate the exterior of her home with silk flowers. And guess what I did? Yup. I did. In my defense, the flowers aren't coming up half as fast as I need them to!

I went to the craft store and I shopped on clearance. I got enough pink, yellow, and blue flowers to make even the girliest of girls sick. I brought all my tacky silk daffodils, cherry blossoms, apple blossoms and pansies home. I broke out the hot glue gun and glued a whole bunch of flowers to a grape vine wreath. I threw that up on the front door, instead of paying $40 for some nasty piece of poo wreath from the craft store. At least I made mine custom! (This is me, justifying my actions)

Worst of all, I took about four bunches of said daffodils, snipped them all away from their common base, and shoved them into the dirt around the mailbox. I took a bunch of pink and magenta tulips and some bright pink morning glories and I put them all into a rectangular flower box under each the windows that lead into the breezeway.

Sure, it's something an 80 year old would do. But at least now, my house has some color. Once the real flowers come in, I will remove all the fake stuff. But for now, I need the change of scenery, no matter how tacky.


Nicole said...

Hahaha! Not a fan of fake flowers but yours are a great pop of color! I think they look good and are a fine stand-in until the real ones bloom :)

Sassafrass said...

Aw, thanks! I don't generally like fake flowers either, but this was a move of desperation!

yumi said...

Nothing says "I'M DESPERATE FOR SPRING" like fake flowers. <3 It's ok, we forgive you.