Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Good things

I felt completely unmotivated to do much of anything last week. The cold returned and the threat of the predicted rain turning into snow was a bit too much for me to take. Happily, it was all rain and not a snowflake fell! The snowbanks that were once taller than Chris and I have melted down to little pathetic excuses of snowbanks, and I feel victorious. The vast majority of our yard is exposed now. I guess brownish-yellow grass is better than blinding snow!

Since the weekend was decent enough to work outside for once (55F, ha ha!), we got a lot done around the yard. I removed the garden box cover only to find a lone onion growing in the center of the box. I must have left something in there! I tilled the soil and plan to put my successful seedlings in around April 15 - the date marking the last threat of frost in the region.

We lost a shutter to a windstorm early in winter, but retrieved the shutter. It was a little busted up, so I busted it back into the proper shape. We got that back up. Chris makes fun of me for being eager to get everything back to "repaired" status. I always tell him I don't want it to look like we're gypsies, so we have to stay on top of everything.

I found a silly-looking ground gutter extension at the depot that works a lot like a bendable straw. Since we moved into the house, this one gutter shot water straight down on to the ground at the corner of the house. That got resolved quickly and easily.

We also finally got to put up the massive bird feeder that my mother gave us for Christmas. I haven't seen any birds munching seed yet, but I'm sure the cats'll let me know when they start coming for chow.

It's still a little too chilly to sit out there in the sun to knit, but I think the fire pit can be safely dug out of the shed and be put to good use in the backyard. There's plenty of fallen branches and debris from the rough winter for use as kindling - I can't wait for the smell of fire to waft into the house!

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Kate! said...

I agree with you- I'd rather see brown grass than mounds of snow. The rains of last week have totally lifted my spirits. Right now I'm on my way out to do yard work. Yay!