Thursday, March 3, 2011

"Just good food from fresh ingredients."

A few days ago, shopPBS.org announced a sale: 2 DVDs from this list for $25. I'm sorry, I'm an absolute sucker for PBS. We canceled our cable years ago, and pay $5 a month just for PBS, really. We occasionally watch Craig Ferguson and/or QVC for entertainment purposes, but that's about the extent of our television-watching.

I immediately bought The French Chef and The French Chef 2 - about $80 worth of learning material for $25.

But one show that has always entertained and educated me was The French Chef, aka Julia Child. I can't think of too many chefs who teach you how to really cook these days. Julia explained why you were doing things, and usually after a few glasses of the wine that's in her reduction, she told you why in a really fun way.

Of course, there was the painfully sweet Julie & Julia. I'll be honest. I liked it. Meryl Streep always gets a smile out of me, especially when she's acting like Julia Child.

I have fond memories of watching Julia Child with my sister at a young age. We used to laugh so hard when she acted just a little tipsy, but I think we both always had a great respect for a woman who can really cook. I don't think I'll ever be able to manage most of her recipes, but I'll take her lessons and her advice over most of the modern chefs I see on television any day. (Sandra Lee is a goddamn abomination to the American kitchen. I just had to mention how she's the polar opposite of Julia Child, and how no one should ever "cook" like she does.)

Do you have any favorite modern chefs? Favorite older chefs?


Nicole said...

Great choice! I love Julia Child and I've recently read two different biographies about her. I also like the Julie/Julia movie although only for the Julia storyline.
The French Chef is on at 2pm during the week. I try to catch it whenever possible!

Tasha said...

I've never been one to watch cooking shows of any sort; they always make me absurdly hungry, so I avoid them. >_>