Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Weekend Away

Chris and I each had a long weekend, which we're grateful for. My thoughtful sister and her boyfriend got together and got Chris and I an overnight package at the oldest inn in the nation: Longfellow's Wayside Inn.

Like most New Englanders around these parts, we're very familiar with the history of the area. There's the Grist Mill, the old Mary-Mary Chapel, the small school house, and a whole bunch of other little historic monuments within a half a mile stretch.

There's a lot to tell about our stay, so I may split it up into two different posts. Needless to say, this place is enchanted. If you're looking to stay someplace quiet, charmed, and full of history, look no further. There were a total of 10 rooms which you can rent in the inn, and plenty of room for functions and dinners. We were assigned Room #8, which holds some secrets of its own. The delights of this small room didn't end, and this is without the help of a radio, a television, or any modern marvels. The only "entertainment" you get in your room is a Bible (which we're not into) and your own curiosity and imagination. This paid off for us.

Thanks to my sister's thoughtful gift, we received a complimentary dinner and breakfast of anything off the menu. We had a marvelous dinner late on Sunday evening in the rustic dining hall. Unfortunately, we weren't clever enough to take any pictures at dinner. I keep repeating the word "charmed," but it's really all I can think of using to describe the experience.

The colors of the day were beautiful.

More on the room and its secrets later...


Nicole said...

How splendid! I would love to stay there. What a great gift from your sister!

Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

How cool is that? What a great weekend, and what a wonderful sister! Thanks for sharing... can't wait to hear about those secrets!