Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update on Purty & the Ribbon

We took Purts to the vet last Friday. We were pleased to hear that her intestines weren't constricting or anything. Pleased? More like very relieved.

Chris got to see the neato xrays of her tiny little body. I have no idea how they got her to sit still long enough to get xrays done, honestly. She adamantly refused an anal exam, though - she literally threw a hissy fit, complete with claws and hissing. I love her so much. There were some poops in her colon and in the waiting, too. We were to anticipate some poops, and if they didn't come, we'd need to be worried.

The vet told Chris that despite Purty not pooping, as it was, she didn't look like the cat was in jeopardy. She praised us for thinking of laxatives and giving them to Purty as soon as we figured out the possible intestinal problems that may occur. She recommended we give it the weekend and she'd ring us Monday morning to check up on Purts. If Purty should get lethargic or sad looking (slow, not willing to play so much, etc.), that we should immediately consider the ER. She gave Chris a couple of cans of Prescription Diet i/d Feline Gastrointestinal Health and sent Chris on his way.

Over the weekend, she acted completely normal. She did poops on Friday evening, which was a relief. She's been playing and running with the boys without any issue. No signs of lethargy, no abnormal eating habits. We've been giving her laxatives this whole time, per doctor's orders.

The doctor didn't call us back on Monday, either. I would have appreciated a call, but none were made. We figured since Purty seemed to be okay, a second visit wasn't necessary, provided we monitored her. She's been doing fine, pooping some good poops (cat box inspection isn't my favorite weekend pass-time), and playing like she normal does.

We're not too concerned about it at this point, but we'll continue to watch. We haven't seen the actual, physical ribbon in her poops. We're not sure if it got digested or if it's still in there. The xray and the doctor could give us no information regarding the health of the ribbon, which is really what I wanted to know. I'd love to stop worrying about this.

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