Friday, February 11, 2011

Kitty is stupid, but I love her

We have three cats. We love each of them dearly. But let's face it: cats aren't the brightest.

When we bought the new sheets for the new bed, we threw the ribbon holding the sheets together into our bedroom trash bin. It's just a normal little bin. But for some reason, the little girl (Purty) decided that she wanted to dig the ribbon out and eat it.

That night, she started hacking as though she was trying to get rid of a hairball. We always get a little alarmed about the hairball hacks, as any cat owner knows, it's not a pleasant sound. It was the first time she'd ever hacked - she's less than a year old. Chris and I observed to make sure she was alright.

Instead of a hairball, a lovely piece of ribbon came up that we could easily identify. We immediately went searching for the rest of the ribbon but it was nowhere to be found. Chris told me (as he had removed the packaging on the sheets) that the ribbon had been tied in a knot and was at least 18" long. How a little kitten could get that into her system is beyond me, but cats are stupid like that.

This was at least 2 days ago. We called the vet yesterday morning after a night of kitty laxatives and pukies all over the place. The vet informed us that this is fairly common, and that there was a chance she may pass the ribbon. If she didn't poop the ribbon out by today, it was time to bring her in. Purty hasn't pooped since that phone call, so this morning, she's going in for x-rays and assessments.

I've been trying to do a little research on the internet about this kind of thing, but it only proves to terrify me. Horrific tales of $1800+ surgeries, bad recoveries, and stark warnings. After reading a few stories, I decided to just close my eyes and take on the que sera attitude. I hope I don't have to drop $1800+ on a stupid goddamn ribbon, but my cat would be worth it.


Nicole said...

Holy cow! I hope your kitty doesn't need surgery and if she does I hope it is not the $1800+ kind.
Pets are like children. Never know what kind of trouble they'll get into even when you think there isn't any around to get into.
Good Luck!

Michelle said...

Good luck with the vet - I hope Purty will be ok.

Made by Hand on Planet Earth said...

Well, I'm wondering what ended up happening. My cat is 16 years old and hacks and pukes about once a week. Always in the night. Sometimes he threatens to make it land between my husband and me, deep in a night of heavy slumber. Last night, I heard him puking, and remembered to look carefully upon rising, so as not to step in it. Guess where he puked? In. My. Shoe. That was a first. Can't help wondering if it was intentional or not... Good luck with your ribbon trials and tribulations. Please keep us posted!