Saturday, January 22, 2011

Yarn Lust

As every knitter knows, it's not a good idea to go into the LYS unless you have an iron will. I don't. I permit myself at WEBS only once or twice a year unless it's an emergency and I can't wait to ship. (Yes, I will have them ship yarn to me even though they're only 20 minutes away. It helps deter me from going nuts.)

I went the other day for a wintertime fix. I had the day off, and Chris didn't. There's a saying about boredom and idle hands, isn't there? I spent $70 at WEBS on a few different things:

  • 4 hanks of Cascade 220 in light blue and dark blue for Chris's slippers in the Pittsburgh Penguins colors
  • 2 balls of Rowan Wool Cotton in the Frozen colorway, which is such a beautiful and subtle purple!
  • 2 hanks of Blue Sky Alpaca's Worsted Hand Dyes in the putty colorway. I actually meant to get it in ecru, but I didn't see it, so putty had to do.
I have projects in line for each of these, so it wasn't just a yarn lust purchase. I try to keep those limited and on cheaper yarn.

I'm still waiting on getting some Lion Brand's Amazing in pink sands. I've been all over each craft store in a 30 miles radius, and into Connecticut, just trying to find one goddamn skein of the stuff. No one has it. Michaels looks like they're not even carrying it anymore, as I never see a bar code thing for this colorway on their shelves! I finally ordered one skein online, even though it really bothers me that I should have to. Ugh.

I'm never going to finish Kaylie's hoodie at this rate...

How often do you go to your LYS or favorite online shop? Do you have a "problem" with your stash or will power like I do? Which yarns or shops make your knees weak?


Kate! said...

Ugh- the dreaded LYS. I try to limit my visits because I have a pretty sizable stash, both of yarn and fiber, and I just don't need the temptation. My dad knows what I really want for Christmas and my birthday- gift certificates to an amazing LYS, Purl Diva. I only go in when I have a project in mind. Otherwise, I'd be broke all the time.

Sassafrass said...

Kate, this may be a stupid question (please forgive me), but when you say yarn AND fiber, do you mean roving or something similar? Do you spin??

Forgive my ignorance. :(