Thursday, January 13, 2011

Thrift Shop Finds

Chris has recently fallen in love with cognac and the motions involved with cognac. This could just be a winter warmth, romantic alcohol sipping kind of thing, but I figured if we're going to drink Courvoisier, we should drink it out of appropriate glasses, shouldn't we?

We only really have these giant multi-colored acrylic cups and some merry mushroom mugs in the kitchen. Figured it was time to try and find a set. We went to all the places you'd expect cheap glassware to live: Ocean State, Christmas Tree Shops, Big Lots, yadda yadda yadda. None of these places had what we were looking for. I guess Chris wanted something delicate but masculine, beautiful and sturdy. Something with personality.

It occurred to me that the Salvo and Goodwill usually have all sorts of fun glassware. So off we went after spending time in the big, impersonable stores.

Our first try, we found a set of these for $7 - 4 smaller glasses, 6 larger glasses. A few days later, I found this container for $1. I was thrilled! Now, Chris can sip his Courvoisier from a fine glass and pretend he smokes from a pipe while sitting by a fire. Ah, the delights of men. :D