Friday, January 21, 2011

A Noble Cowl

I ran out of Cascade for Chris's slippers at work. I had another hank at home, but that wasn't about to help me. (I knit during down time, can you tell?)

Just in case of such of emergencies, I carry back-up projects in my knitting bag! I had some Rowan Wool Cotton that I picked up last week at WEBS with the intention of doing the Noble Cowl at some point.

I started knitting the cowl while watching Louis CK's Hilarious, hoping that my work day would end sooner than later. I'm so in love with it. The Rowan is so fine and soft, and I don't know if I want to go back to those slippers.

And just look at that cowl. LOOK at it! Isn't it beautiful? The pattern is just perfect for this, and I hope I continue to love it as I hike through all 60 or so rows of it. It's fast moving, and what you see here was done in about an hour. It's a lovely shield pattern, and it's not too hard to keep up with. 15 stitch repeats done eight times, every other row. I think it's the perfect pair of yarn and pattern. I'm so grateful it was a free pattern too. Awesome, awesome, awesome.


Nicole said...

I love it! The pattern has been on my Ravelry favorites. One of these days I will get a chance to make one :-)

Kate! said...

Love love love! Kitty seems happy, too!