Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year's Eve

We lost our internet for a few days during my week off. As such, I made it a point to go "Goodwilling," as it's known to those who know me. This is where I hit up every single Salvation Army and Goodwill shop I can think of in a 20 mile radius or so. There are only about six or eight of them, all told.

So, just before New Year's Eve, I found a pair of these flutes for $0.49 each, and this thrilled me. Chris and I had resigned ourselves to not going anywhere for New Year's this year due to various things, and we don't own any proper flutes.

We decided to just sit inside and drink ourselves silly for the evening.... which we actually didn't end up doing. Instead, we watched Band of Brothers straight until midnight. Just a few minutes shy of midnight, after the boys of Easy Company had been needlessly rescued by General Patton, we watched Dick Clark sadly slur his way through the last minutes of 2010, and all of a sudden, it was 2011.

Here's to a new year, a fresh start, no matter how arbitrary the line in the sand is. Happy New Year!


ImplausibleYarn said...

I never seem to find good stuff at Goodwill, except maybe online... Your New Years sounds just like mine. We drank pink champagne and watched movies until midnight where I just about promptly fell asleep. Happy New Year!

Sassafrass said...

Oh, I love the Goodwill online shops! You can find such awesome stuff!