Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A New Swift!

I admit to being a cheapskate. I often try to mimic expensive things that I don't want to pay full price for. I did this for a very long time regarding swifts.

I tried the office chair spin, the coat hanger trifecta on a lazy Susan, I even used my knee. Just to save a few bucks. The hassle was honestly a bit much after a while - especially when you come home from WEBS with more than an armload of the most divine hanks of yarn. I will even put off projects to avoid the irritation of going through imperfect winding of balls of yarn. I did splurge a few years ago and got a good ball winder.

I noticed the other day that I had a 50% off coupon for JoAnn's and decided to look into a new swift. The most expensive wooden swift JoAnn's carries runs at $80, so I decided to apply the coupon to that and got myself a brand new swiftfor my birthday.

Now, I'm just waiting for it to show up so I can get all these hanks of Cascade wound up and knit!


Kate! said...

YAY!!! Seriously- congratulation! It is going to make your life so so so much better! I can honestly remember the day when I bought a ball winder AND swift. Pretty awesome, huh?

Can't wait to hear about all of the winding fun!

knitinsage said...

i'm with you on the "do it without buying it" philosophy! look at the mcgyver tags on my blog ツ

that said, i am about to buy a ball-winder -- my excuse is that it's easier on the fine yarns than my tightly hand-wound balls. true? i don't know HAHA

my homemade "swift" is 2 GIANT cans of tomatoes (>6.5 lbs) on my ironing board lowered to about knee height.

i can see that i'm headed toward a swift purchase as well LOL

Sassafrass said...

I never saw your McGyver section, Knitinsage.... I'm a SUCKER for "rigging" things... now I am going to have to explore!

Your swift sounds fine to me! Do you get frustrated when you have to wind a whole new addition to the stash?

As for the ball-winder, I have *no* regrets. I bought a Royal with a 50% off coupon at JoAnns and it is definitely one of the most used and most durable things I've got. You'll find excuses to wind everything into a tight little yarn cake.

It's also a lot easier to have center pull cakes than to have the hand-wound balls all rolling around the place when you tug. I do kind of miss the feeling of the yarn in my hands though...