Thursday, January 27, 2011

Make Your Own Knitting Needles?

Can I just start off with saying that I am already done with winter? The snowbanks at the end of our driveway are taller than some basketball players! I crave green, not white and gray! This rarely happens to me. I'm usually begging for more snow.

So anyways, now that I got that off my chest, you know what I love? Bamboo needles. You know what's really expensive? Bamboo needles. Over the years, I've amassed a fine collection of Clover bamboo circular needles. I'm not a huge fan of straight needles as they don't travel well, and I do a lot of knitting on the fly.

Recently, I saw somewhere that people are making their own circular knitting needles. Straight or DPN needles seem pretty simple to do, but circs sound like a challenge. Now I have to try it!

Have any of you tried making your own needles? Do you use them often? Do you find the quality of handmade needles notably better or worse than the commercially available needles? Would you try to make your own if you knew the quality would be as good for a fraction of the cost?

On an off note, apparently, some dairies offer a milk delivery service these days. Imagine that! This intrigues me, and I hope it's a trend that will only grow. Supporting the locals is great, but fresh milk on your doorstep is even greater! We're sadly not very big milk drinkers, so I doubt I'd ever benefit from such a thing, but my goodness, is it good to know it exists out there again!


Kate! said...

Our local co-op has fresh from the farm unpasturized milk. It's so so so amazingly delicious. However, the amount of fat found in the milk makes buy it only as a special treat. Still, there's nothing like it!

Tasha said...

mmmm . . . bamboo needles. I wouldn't make them myself, though.

yumi said...

Haha, reminds me of the time my sister got all her knitting tools confiscated at her high school. She took the bamboo chopsticks from the chinese rice bowl vendor line and started knitting with those.

Sassafrass said...

Your sister had her shit confiscated at school? That's all kinds of bullshit. They allow knitting needles on the plane, they should allow people to have them in school for down time.

Chopsticks are AWESOME for knitting, but I am a really picky bitch and insist on having circs in multiples of 2 for each size. This is expensive. :(