Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dear Angry Russian Person:

I understand that there is an impending snow storm for which we have no information about. I understand that it's rush hour, and yes, we are all anxious to get home to our homes and our loved ones.

And yes, I understand road rage. I suffer a very, very bad case of it. I really can't stand it when people are inconsiderate of one another or when they aren't very aware of their surroundings!

But when I stop in traffic to let some poor schmuck cross the lane in order to take a right at the lights (through no fault of his own! The toll booths are poorly engineered!), and you decide to head into on-coming traffic to move around me, you don't yell and scream at me. I will open my window and give you hell. Which I promptly did.

Additionally, "you bitch!" doesn't quite count as a valid argument for your behavior, and your ridiculous driving skills really don't make me eager to sympathize with your plight. Maybe if you laid of the crack pipe for an hour or two, you'd be able to figure out which lane you actually need to be in and get their without being an inconsiderate douchebag.

If we could all just relax a little bit and be considerate of one another, we could make Massachusetts a much better, much safer, much more pleasant place to drive.

Yours truly,

Just another angry Masshole


Kate! said...

Oh, no! That really, really sucks. I was reading through your post thinking, "oh that sucks. OH! that sucks!" and then I got to the part where you mention "Massachusetts" and I just cringed and thought "OH THAT SUCKS!"

I feel so bad, my bestie has lived in Mass. for years now, and I feel so bad that the stereotype of Massachusetts drivers is so bad, and in my experience, accurate.

I hope tomorrow is better for you!

Sassafrass said...

We're expecting a snow storm tonight, so maybe the roads will improve by having the crazies stay home, ha ha ha, if only.

Massachusetts does have some awful drivers, I'll be the first to admit. It seems like there's no middle ground. There are people who are slow, stupid, and hazardous and there are people like me who are fast, aggravated with the slow stupid ones, and hazardous!

The commute home is akin to a warzone for me, as you have to be on your toes at every moment, just in case someone tries to serve his or herself, is on the phone or texting, or just generally has no concept of how to properly (and courteously) drive!


Michelle said...

Oh dear - Massachusetts drivers sound like Canberra drivers. Friends and family don't believe my 'bad Canberra driver' stories until they come to Canberra and see it for themselves - and then they can't believe that so many people in one place can be so terrible on the roads.

We once had someone tailgate us because my husband was driving at the speed limit, even when they could have overtaken us they followed us for several kilometres and then they threw a golfball at us! Thankfully it didn't hit our car.

Sassafrass said...

Oh Michelle, that's not very good to hear. A golf ball. Because your husband went at the legal speed. That sounds like something that would happen around here.

I can only imagine your frustration! Do you have any public transport systems in your area that you could use instead??