Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Is it Christmas yet?

I feel like I've been working on Christmas for a while, now. My hands are sick and tired of knitting at every free moment during the day. Tea has also become a lot more popular, both at the workplace and at the home. We've been inundated with celebrations, gatherings, and general holiday cheer festivities. Sunday afternoon, we met up with some of my very old friends - folks I haven't seen in about 15 years. It was a very welcome change of pace, and I wish we could get together more despite one of them living in Europe.

From A Good Yarn
I've decided I can't stand knitting in the round with DPNs, particularly when I am doing color work with size 3 needles. The yarn gets caught up on the tips of the needles, and it takes me about five times longer to finish a row than it would normally take me. On the more positive side, I love chart knitting so so much. I guess it works out to be a positive experience. I just hope I can have these mittens done by Christmas. I suspect I will be completing them in the car, en route to where they ought to be gifted.

I have to say I'm impressed with myself. With the exception of a pair of Zimmerman's Woodsman socks (raverly link), I've come near to completing everything I wanted to complete. This never happens for me when it comes to knitting, so it's really a point of pride. I wasn't sure about the socks to begin with, and I've since supplemented the socks with something else in the interest of time.


knitinsage said...

have you tried magic-looping? that's what i do when dpn's are not working for me.

or when i don't have dpn's of the right size.

if you need a link, i learned how by looking it up online.

merry christmas to you!!!

and happy knitting;-)

Sassafrass said...

Merry belated Christmas to you too! I have never tried the magic loop, but I would really like to try if it makes life easier with smaller projects. I'll youtube it! Thank you!