Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Giving Handmade

With Christmas upon us, gifts are likely causing you to stress out hardcore. All these expectations of gift-giving and gift-receiving is enough to drive a person mad. These days, it's not even about what you give, but how much worth you give. Is spending $25 on your uncle enough? Is it too impersonal to give a gift card if you're not sure of someone's interests? How much is too much? How much is too little? Children seem to be nice and easy, but giving for adults is all together a whole new sport.

I'm sure the majority of people who will bother reading this will be using the "handmade" option. This is by FAR my favorite option, and not because I'm a knitter. I think something that takes time and thought over money and status is always the more wise, more interesting option, even if it's the most hideous thing in the world.

On last week's episode of The Office, a character in the show asks a co-worker if the choice of giving "handmade" was a choice made out of being broke, or having a hard year financially. That really aggravated me, particularly with the whole handmade movement that seems to be happening out there.

Just because people should spend time and effort in making you a gift doesn't mean they're broke. I'm not broke, and I haven't had a particularly bad year either. I would just much rather give you something tailored to who I think you are than to buy you some cheap piece of shit at the mall. It's a lot easier (for me, anyways) to jaunt into a large store and pick something out that I think you will get use out of. It's not as easy to make something with your hands for someone you love.

I wish we could get rid of the stigma of "handmade" as something that's cheap, insincere, or for poor people.

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