Tuesday, December 14, 2010

First Snow

Last night, I walked out of my office after not having seen daylight since 9am. It was dark. And it was snowing. After days of unrelenting rain, it was snowing.

I had to deal with the typical Massholes who freak. out. when they see snow sticking to the ground. It's like they instantly forget we live in New England, and snow is a way of life for us. But no. 45MPH on the Mass Pike, all the way home.

I got home to more snow than we had received at the office. Our front yard was white, and our bushes were finally covered with a thin blanket of snow. This is sure to have made my week.

My hands are sore from knitting. My Oatmeal is almost done... I'm ready for it to end and move on.

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