Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Decorating is half the fun

This past weekend, we got up the majority of our Christmas decorations, both indoors and out. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, but it being our first year at this, it wasn't that easy, either. We had only a few actual outdoorsy type decorations before buying the house, and last Christmas, we were so busy working on the house, we didn't even bother with Christmas decor.

I have to say, I think we're the prettiest house on the whole block. But I'm biased. I never thought I would advocate white lights, but they really do make the house pop with the blue paint job and bright green wreaths with their red bows.

We put up some cheap reindeer (which were equally as cheap on the functioning front), some LED candles that flicker in the windows, and wreaths with bows. The LED candles are probably my favorite, only because they have internal timers. They glow for 8 hours and shut themselves off for 16 hours for as long as the 2 AAA batteries last! They really add a neat dimension, too.

On the breezeway, I put a white-lit garland on the window trim. I bought some cheap, glittery, silk pointsettias and put them in a pot full of dirt from spring. I put a candelabra in the window by the side door, and jingle bells on the old fashioned screen door. Whenever Chris comes home now, everyone knows it and jumps to go greet him at the door.

The piece de resistance is the tree. We've decidedly called it the "atomic tree." We put about 4 strings of those old fashioned big, colorful bulbs on there, along with every small, colored light string we could find. The thing could light up the shadows of hell, I tell you what. The cats have had their way with the skirt of the tree and a good portion of the ornaments on there, too. We have to keep a can of compressed air under the tree to remind the little girl that she's not allowed to play or eat the tree. It worked for a whole 5 minutes. Ringo (as pictured), the Butt, and the little girl who will soon just take on the name of "Pertie" can't leave the damned thing alone. Every day, I come home ready to find my house aflame with all three cats sitting tail-to-tail, grinning at me as I pull in.

To leave you, I'll just show you where we were just about a year ago, and how far we've come.


knitinsage said...

oh how lovely! come do my house ;-)

Tasha said...

The only kind of lights we HAVE are white. Your front looks very, very pretty. ^^;