Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Queue

We got the tree up and decorated last weekend and we got the outside all lit up, too. I'll do up a whole thing about that, ha ha ha, but on the knitting front, not doing as well as I'd like. Today is the 6th. Christmas is the 25th. That gives me nineteen days to get in all the projects I want to give as gifts.

I finished two Capucines (Ravelry link) in the span on 2 days, neither of which I find acceptable as gifts. Not entirely sure what I'm doing wrong to get such small and not-so-drape-y hats... maybe it's the yarn held twice? Maybe my head is just ridiculously shaped (which is entirely possible). I think I'll give it one more try before Christmas comes around.

Since some of the people I am planning on giving these things to may actually read this, I'm not going to list what else is on the list of things to knit before Christmas. There are about three things in my mental queue right now. Hopefully, things will be slow at work so I can pick up sticks while I wait for things to land on my desk.

How are you doing on your Christmas queue? Do you have one? If you're not a knitter, have you got any shopping done?

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