Friday, December 31, 2010


We finally wind down, relaxing after days of travel throughout Christmas. Immediately after Christmas, we got whomped on by a major blizzard. Well, not so major for us out here in western Massachusetts, but certainly windy enough. We lost the internet for a few days, unrelated to the blizzard, straight through most of my week off. I kept busy hitting up all the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores in the area. I'm glad to have the internet back. I never really knew just how much I enjoy looking up random things that we stumble on in conversation or while watching something.

I'm happy for it all being over, but a little sad about it too. This was my first year not spending Christmas morning with either of my parents. It would have been logistically impractical to have gone out of our way to make way for my neediness, so I sucked it up like the twenty-eight year old baby that I am.
I feel like I'm in a limbo spot with the holidays until we have kids of our own. The magic of Christmas is really not the same without kids to watch. I never really appreciated how it makes a person smile to watch a kid tear through their Christmas presents with such exuberant excitement. I can only imagine how long they wondered about the presents under the tree, maybe even tearing up some tape to see what's underneath.

It being New Year's Eve, I can say that I'm looking forward to 2011. There are a lot of relatively large events coming up for us, and for those around us. I'm still sitting on ideas for our trans-American road trip, and we'll be getting married in June. There are rumors of family from France coming over for another wedding this summer. But for now, I'm going to sit back with Chris, have some Moet and Chambord, and a nice, safe, quiet New Years Eve here in our home.

A happy new year to you all! And don't forget to say "rabbit rabbit" after midnight!

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