Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cheap Spice Rack Solution

If you're like me in that you don't want to pay an arm and a leg for a spice rack, you've come to the right place.

I have a lot of spices and herbs in the kitchen. At this point, I'm confident I've got over 50 different kinds that I have to have just in case. But storing up to 50 spices in their individual air-tight containers isn't always the easiest on your kitchen space. We have a particularly small and awkward kitchen, so I had to figure out a way to effectively store my spices without using up much room and without spending $75+ on a large spice rack.

The first things I thought of when I thought "air tight" was pill bottles. You know the sort, you go to the pharmacy, they give you a 30 dram bottle with your pills kind of thing. I never get the twist-off ones, but the pop-offs, since we have no kids.

Lucky for me, Chris works in a pharmacy. He was able to bring a bunch of 40 dram bottles home upon my request for free. By "a bunch," I actually mean around 75 bottles and matching caps.

I went to Walmart and I got a whole bunch of neodymium magnets, one per bottle. These can get expensive, but it was essentially the only real cost to the project. A quick google search should set you right.

I hot-glued said disc magnets onto the BOTTOM of these bottles and labeled the tops of them. I let the glue cool a while on the kitchen table and then tested the bottles on the side of the fridge, in a corner against the microwave that we don't use.

If you want to try this yourself, it's important for me to note that I don't think walking into your local pharmacy and asking for 50+ dram bottles is going to go over well. If you know someone, see if you can score a few through them. Otherwise, I'm sure you can dream something else up! Lightweight and airtight! Or, you could try and reduce your waste and re-use your prescription bottles this way. Save 'em up and go to town! They're still free this way!

I've had this spice rack in place for almost a year now, and it works great. Of course, you sacrifice a little "pretty" for a more "practical," but you can dress these up. A friend of mine offered to make me pretty labels and  all for these, but I declined. I like the half-assed look, but you may not be as bare bones as I am. 

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