Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Central Park Hoodie: A Year in Review

Just over a year ago, I finished my first sweater ever (Ravelry link). Admittedly, it was an ambitious undertaking for my first sweater, but it was worth it. (My own pictures are on the Ravelry page, but they're not that pretty)

The Central Park Hoodie (Ravelry link), one year later, has stood up to time. Well, at least for the most part. The Cascade 220 that I used (in the Shire colorway) pills pretty easily on this sweater. Otherwise, I'm pleased with the color.

I used an i-cord of 5 stitches instead of the ribbing at seams, which I think looks a little cleaner, and doesn't take half as long as that ribbing. (Am I the only one who really dislikes knitting ribbing? It always seems to go so slowly!) I ended up putting a zipper in, but a year later, I'm not sure how I feel about it now. I think I may actually take it out and put buttons in. Too bad I sewed the zipper strip in with a machine. That could be a challenge.

A couple things I would change, if I could: the length of the sleeves is just too much for me. Maybe it's my body type (which is entirely possible), but these sleeves are a good 4-6 inches too long for me. They are ample in width, though - makes for easy pushing back.

I would also like to have seen a little shaping in the sweater. I used one of the larger sizes, so huge seas of green should at least have a little shaping to it.

Lastly, the sweater seems back-heavy. Not sure how else to describe it. It always ends up sliding to my back, and bringing the neckline closer to my neck, which irks me. This isn't so much a construction thing as I think it's a me thing. I wonder if there are any tips out there to resolve this one.

Otherwise, it's one of the warmer sweaters I have, which is a blessing. I dislike heavy coats, but I live in New England where winter isn't exactly mild. A nice, warm, wool sweater is perfect.

(Images are from the published pattern)


ImplausibleYarn said...

I have considered this pattern so many times. Sweaters scare me though. I'm really afraid that if I ever actually finish one that I'll hate the way it looks on me. Then I'll think about how much time I spent knitting it. And then.... you understand.

Sassafrass said...

Of course. Especially with the cost of good yarn. A large skein of Eco+ would do well, though! And you could slowly work a sweater in between all those other awesome projects you do~