Friday, October 8, 2010

Things have been busy

I haven't posted much lately; it's been so insane around here, I go home and don't want to do much of anything. Including cooking and baking at the best time of the year. I've never looked forward to the weekend as much as I am today - it helps that it's a long weekend too.

Meanwhile, I have yet to gather together the garden and shut it down for fall. The leaves are starting to fall on the backyard with a passion. Last fall, when we first moved in, there was about 2 inches of leaves covering the backyard (pictured right). I'm hoping it won't get that bad this year, but we've already spent a weekend taking out trees (yes, literally trees) growing in our forsythia hedges. We have enough debris in the yard to last a whole season as kindling, I swear.

Maybe this weekend, we can tackle everything and get it put away in time for frost. It's a pity - the tomato plants still have tomatoes coming in on them. We haven't seen a good day's picking in a while, though. The plants are starting to look haggard and tired.

It's been very busy at work. I effectively got a promotion and took on a whole new title. With the title comes these new responsibilities which I've never been formally trained on, in addition to the tasks I did before. For more than a year, I had been working halftime. This month I regained my full time status with the new title. We'll see how well I do, but for now, both Chris and I are grateful for the additional income. Goodness knows we could use it.

I'm kind of uninspired in the knitting department as well. I'm trying to restrict myself to knitting with my stash only, and that proves to be difficult sometimes. Maybe I should just start working on making Christmas gifts? I'm trying to make a short-sleeved variation on the Rooibos (Ravelry link) with some of Valley Yarn's Monterey (another Ravelry link). It's totally improvised, so the chances are pretty high that it'll get frogged.

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