Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sock it to me, baby

I wish I was a sock knitter, truly. I never wear socks, but I think if I knit my own colorful ones, I'd reconsider. Of course, I'd probably be one of those assholes who wears socks with sandals in late November and March.

I see so many beautiful sock patterns and projects that some of you folks do, I get so inspired. But the actual knitting of socks? Never really got into it! I think it's the DPNs, maybe. I have very little patience for switching off needles! In fact, I will knit on circular needles even when I don't have to (sweaters and the like, just basic back-and-forth, one-sided knitting). Tubular knitting, gussets, all of that don't scare me at all. But dealing with those DPNs for one sock is enough, let alone a pair.

I've gone as far as buying books for sock knitting, how to knit a pair at the same time, toe-down, cuff-down, you name it. I really do want to get into it, but I just always seem so... blah by the time I get there.

Do you feel this way about any sorts of projects? I hear some people feel this way about sweaters or shawls! I guess maybe I need to increase my appreciation for socks.

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knitinsage said...

i'm with you on the socks, tho i do like a well-placed set of dpn's. it does not seem that appealing to me to knit a second one after you've knit the first. that said, i did my very first pair of socks 2 at a time magic-looped. that kept it interesting!

then i threw them in the wash like a dummy and they felted -- oh well! ;-)