Saturday, October 9, 2010

Photos to Remember By

I realized the other the other day that I never get to show off some of our photography. Our expensive camera helps our amateur skills look a lot better, but all-in-all, I just want a place to share some of the most beautiful things I think we capture.

So, here we go. The originals are 5184x3456 so if you want to see this in size gigantic, let me know.

(It should go without saying that all of these are taken by either Chris or myself. If you want to use it someplace, please let us know before taking the picture!)

Midnight walk through the grid neighborhood, foreshadowing the oncoming foliage.

Apple picking on a warm Sunday afternoon with my sister and her boyfriend.

A sunset that was too beautiful not to catch while heading west on the MassPike.

Chris's beloved Peace Roses in the backyard. They refuse to quit for the season... they just keep on bloomin'.

A cabin on the Mohawk Trail. One day, I will live in these, I swear.

Somewhere in the woods of the Mohawk Trail.

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