Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I was reading about the Yarn Harlot's experience in "heat wars" a couple of days ago and I found it funny that we're essentially doing the same thing in our house, except only between Chris and I.

The need for heat come on rather fast if you ask me, but it's my first transition in the house. I can't imagine needing heat that badly in mid-October, though.

My father graciously put in new basement windows for us a few weeks ago (the old set type pictured left). He must have done a bang-up job insulating the windows down there because the basement is presently warmer than the house on the main floor. There was a distinct lack of the musty smell that had been lingering in that cellar for as long as we've owned the house, too.

The old windows were from 1953 when the house was built. Needless to say, they were extremely drafty. In fact, a couple were broken and were letting air straight in, unhindered. This past winter, we didn't have many options, so we took very thick plastic sheets from Home Depot and duct taped it over the windows. It was better than just leaving the broken and old windows, but it wasn't much better. I'd go downstairs only to see the plastic sheets "breathing" with the wind.

We also replaced the boiler as soon as we bought the house. We actually built the roof and boiler into our mortgage. The old boiler is pictured just here, with me peering into it. I was amazed the thing was considered operational when I saw it. We didn't even bother to turn it on.

So now, here we are, full-throttle fall with temperatures hitting freezing nearly every night now. And miraculously, our house is rarely under 60F by dawn. We rarely have the heat over 62F in the house during winter anyways. Oil for the burner is just too high, and there's plenty of yarn to go around in the house!

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knitinsage said...

hey girl, just wear your very warm felted bucket hat when you get chilly ;-)

thanks for following me -- i am looking forward to your knitting and other winter adventures!