Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall cleaning

Things around the house were starting to get messy. The garden was clearly looking haggardly and dying off, the leaves were starting to fall on top of the hose that was still down, the hardwood floors in the house were starting to look crappy from not having been properly and thoroughly washed since spring, and all that kind of thing.

I decided last week that this would be a good weekend to clean everything, and as a reward, decorate the house for Halloween in the cheapest way possible.

We spent all of Saturday cleaning the inside and outside of the house. Thanks to the local oldies station, we not heard all about John Lennon's birthday, but we got mostly the Beatles' music for the majority of the day.

The garden was hard to tear down - it made me kind of sad that it's all over for the season. The tomato plants were quite clearly still ready to produce. I found some flowers on them, even after the first frost advisory on Saturday night. I salvaged what green tomatoes I could, but the rest got pulled up and out. I had Chris transplant my Greek oregano and parsley plants. We tilled the bed and covered it with a thick plastic tarp thing. Not sure if we were supposed to till it, but after all the ripping out, I'm sure it couldn't hurt anything. I'm covering it up because there will be a million maple leaves in the yard soon, and I'd rather not have to deal with them in the bed.

On Sunday, my due rewards came. But I'll save that for another time.

Do you do your major cleaning in fall or spring? Maybe winter or summer (bless your heart)? Any quirky cleaning rituals?

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urban muser said...

I need someone to come and clean my place!