Monday, September 20, 2010

Compost Tea

We don't get all the fancy cable stations in our house. We're not about to drop $50+/month for 100+ channels of crap to vegetate by. But we do get PBS... which shows Ask This Old House, one of my very few favorite things on television.

While attacking the house in cleaning mode this weekend, we watched a few episodes of Ask This Old House. One of the episodes had this fantastic thing called "compost tea" that the groundskeepers are Harvard University use to keep their lawns happy and healthy. Completely chemical free!

I'm hesitant to even use Round-up on the weeds that grown in between the cracks in the brick of my walkway. I can't stand the thought of all those chemicals creeping into the water system, a bunny eating the poisoned weeds and dying, or something even more tragic. This discovery of compost tea was exciting.

Using your compost pile you can make grass fertilizer with the help of some molasses and pureed kelp and fish guts!

So without further ado, here's the clip from Ask This Old House, in case you're as intrigued as I am!

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