Monday, August 9, 2010

What now?

So I'm out of projects for the most part. I promised some friends some trivial little amigurumi things (like little mice for their cats, and a Kirby plush), but apart from that, no major projects on the horizon.

I was looking at doing the Snow White or the Bombshell, but I'm pretty convinced neither of them will look good on me. I want to take the plunge, but all that work for something that doesn't come out right will just make me so sad.

As long as I devote some stash yarn to these options, I'll feel better about the potential waste of time these projects could be.

Over the weekend, we went to Emerald Lake State Park in Vermont for the day. I got to listen to a good chunk of Lolita while Chris wandering around the lake, snapping all sorts of pictures. We also did a tour of the campground and marked on a map which sites would be best to come back for. Not surprisingly, we fell in love with the "prime" lean-tos. I doubt we'll be able to try camping there this season, though. We've been up there at the end of August, and it gets downright cold overnight. I think the time we were there, it dropped into the low 40s. We have sleeping bags that are more geared for summertime heat, not fall's cold nights.

We also visited Mt. Greylock for the first time. How have I lived in Massachusetts this long and have never gone up Mt. Greylock. I'm just terrified of heights, so driving up to sub-alpine levels frightens me to the point of freezing while driving. I started flipping out just before the summit on the incline. When we stopped for photos on the edge of the mountain, Chris just wandered right out to the edge of the cliff without hesitation. I had to turn my head and make blinders out of my hand. He thinks it's funny, though. At least someone can find the humor in the situation! We wonder how busy it would be during the foliage season - we could probably get some really beautiful pictures.

What projects are you working on?

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