Tuesday, August 31, 2010

That's enough, you can move along.

What gives with the 90°F+ this week? I thought it was supposed to be nearing fall, right? I was enjoying that brief period of 60°F days where you opened the windows and felt the breeze through the house, when I needed a light sweater outside, and when we needed and extra blanket for the night.
I'm all set with this summer heat. I've had a very enjoyable summer, with lots of fun in the sun, but I am ready for the weather to catch up with the trees, which are already starting to turn a little bit.

Lots of things have been going on around the house. We're trying to go back on budget, a sure sign of fall. Summer usually uses a good amount of our savings since we're out and about, traveling and camping all over the place. Fall and winter are the cold days where we scrounge our pennies together for summer adventures.

We have just the last coat of paint to do on the backside of the house and one more awning to do. I won't have to look at a paint bucket or paint brush again for a long time. I was hoping to get it all done before Hurricane Earl showed up, but with this heat wave, my dislike for this heatwave, and the hour at which Chris arrives home from work, I don't think it will be getting done before Labor Day. :(

Are you guys as eager for fall as I am?

Photo from hoardedordinaries.wordpress.com

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