Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Surprise Project: Painting the House

Our house was built in 1953, and the aluminum siding has about had it. Every time we even slightly brush up against the house, we get a nice, chalky-like substance on us. It's apparently the original white paint. It has turned to powder. Underneath, there's raw aluminum.

Knowing it will be a costly, time-consuming project, we've avoided the whole issue. Until my father brought it up earlier today. He has this power washer, and he's convinced it will power wash anything. So hey, why not, come on over and power wash the house. That sounds like a blast, no pun intended.

So he came over. And power washed 2 of the 4 sides of the house in less than an hour, to my amazement. The shiny aluminum is showing in some places!

But surprise, apparently we have to paint the house as soon as possible, just in case the "oxidation" returns. I'm not a chemist. I'll take his word for it. So Chris and I hurriedly went to the local depot to pick out colors.

Chris and I had casually discussed colors to paint the house by, and we were really not on the same page. Chris prefers the cooler, more subdued colors. I prefer the warmer, more cheerful and vibrant colors. (All I can think about is how the house will look in winter, sigh) Now we have to speed up the search, and let me tell you, there's all sorts of advice from every direction in every arena you can imagine.

But hey, if people want to paint the house, let's do it. Let's fire up the rollers and the scaffolding, I'm ready to rock. My father claims it will take very little time to paint the house if we prepare correctly. Let's hope so - he's also the same guy who thinks the back side of the house shouldn't get painted because the paint is still pretty okay on the aluminum. Sigh.

I just hope it won't be 90F+ and humid as hell on the day(s) we actually get this baby rolling...


Tasha said...

Red! Paint it red! I love red buildings . . .

Kate! said...

I love people who have power washers! They're so cute and excited to use their tool!

I've never even thought about painting a house- the color possibilities must be overwhelming! Good luck!