Friday, August 13, 2010

Quick Project Full of Mud

Over this past weekend, Chris and I were cleaning up around the yard. We still have the power washer over here, so I decided it would be a great time to try and power wash the back patio.

We had seen the color of the tiles after we had dropped a little bleach on one of the tiles, but I wasn't sure if we could get them very clean, even with a power washer. They're clearly very, very old and have been through many seasons of wear. (Right: BEFORE)

Regardless, we broke out the power washer to see what kind of damage we could do.

To our absolute shock, the power washer did a better job of scrubbing those tiles clean than the bleach could dream of. We had to get the want within inches of the tile, which took a long time since there are quite a few tiles, but it came out sparkling and white, more like the sands of a beach than a darkened and worn patio in suburbia.  (Left: AFTER)

I noticed the wood on the trim of the shrub bed was looking rather green and moldy, so I set Chris to spraying that down to the grain of the wood. We had a blast (excuse the pun) spending a few hours washing everything down. We also got some of the green mold that was growing on the north side of our garage to come right off.

The only drawback was that Chris had to wear goggles to prevent himself from getting hit in the face with flying mud. The space between the cracks had a lot of dirt and that dirt would just fly up at you from the force of the power washer. It was a good time; we got so incredibly dirty, and we were left with such a beautiful patio!

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