Thursday, August 12, 2010

Progress on Painting~

We rushed to pick colors, but I have to say, we're satisfied with the results thus far.
The whole painting-of-the-house event has certainly (and gratefully) been a family affair. My sister and father have been beating me home after work to engage in full-out paint war. My sister brings her dog Byndee who is always more than happy to lounge in the sun and watch everyone. Occasionally, someone walking their dog passes by and Byndee happily greets them.

The house looks substantially different with the new coat(s) of paint. The shutters really pop with the bright and vivacious blue we chose. But it's not too overwhelming, and goes nicely with the greenish blue of the house. The only concern I have is the rest of the neighborhood; we live in placid and static suburbia. There are quite a few original residents from the 1960s, and the majority of the houses are white or a faint pastel of some other color. We are certainly the most bold and brave on the block. The house isn't quite as dark as the picture above depicts it, but it reminds me of a cabin in the woods for some reason. (Pictured above: the house before painting)

I wish we could inspire more people to paint their homes wacky, exciting colors. Life is so much more vibrant in color.

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