Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Little Reflection as Summer Passes By

One of the things that I'm a little surprised by is how people to seem to have a defeatist attitude about things.

When Chris and I went to set up our initial home owner's insurance policy, we hadn't done one repair on the house. This included replacing the roof and boiler (which we built into our mortgage). The woman at the small, local insurance company just chuckled at us condescendingly. "Oh, no home improvement has ever gone as fast as you want it to! My husband and I bought a house last year and we still haven't had X, Y and Z done!"

We tried to explain that the repairs had to be done on the house just as soon as we close on it; November was in full swing, and we weren't about to buy a house we couldn't live in.

She insisted that nothing ever seems to move with home repair, and to count on our contractors or whomever to drag their feet for up to a year. (Our contractors showed up in less than 48 hours to start the roof and install the boiler. Pictured, both the heat guys and the roof guys were there on the same day, working to get paid in the cold month of November)

Flabbergasted, and stubbornly persistent, we went to another local insurance company.

I look on our house now, nine and a half months after we bought the house. We've done so much work. Looking at the pictures that we took when we inspected the home, I'm floored at how brave and eager we were. There was so much work we didn't anticipate. Painting the house was a far-off dream, something I never thought would actually happen. All these things, like building a healthy garden, having a lovely patio, renovating the breezeway, putting in flowers and making the house welcoming.

I'm so proud of us. But what I'm even more grateful for is our families. Without the help of everyone, even today and for tomorrow, we'd never have been able to do this. My only hope is that I can make it up to everyone, and that I can be just as great for my kids someday as my parents and Chris's parents have been for us.

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