Friday, August 13, 2010

America, we need to talk.

I am appalled by the response from both the media and the people I know regarding the mosque being considered not at ground zero, but a few blocks away.

Some folks seem to think a mosque will be built on top of ground zero. If not on top of, right next to ground zero. Holy Christ people, they're proposing to build it in an old Burlington Coat Factory building.

I don't understand the intolerance I've heard about. What shameful, hateful behavior from the followers of Christ. What irresponsible behavior from the American media.

Why shouldn't the Muslims be permitted to have a house of worship in the neighborhood? Because some extremists decided to do something ridiculous? Because Islam is not Christianity? (Even though Jesus is revered in Islam)

The fear in this nation is sometimes unbelievable, especially when it comes to religious topics. Whatever happened to the freedom of religion guaranteed in the US? I mean, I could understand if the Scientologists showed up and wanted to turn NYC into Clearwater, but Islam is one of the largest religions in the world. It's a completely legit religion.

The actions of extremists should not mold the perception of the religion in whole - the same goes for Christianity. I'm sure Christians would rather me not judge their religion by the extremists who murder abortionists and the Pope's disdain for condoms in Africa.

C'mon America. Start using your head.

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Kate! said...

Ahhhh, yes! I fully agree! It makes me ashamed, to be honest. There's so much hate out there, it's really quite sad.