Friday, July 30, 2010

Kitty Updates

Since we last spoke about the kitties, we had just adopted Simry from the Thomas J. O'Connor animal shelter locally. (She was originally named "Fig," but I mean, just look at her. Does she look very much like a fig? And the name "Simry" is kind of an in-joke at this point.)

Ringo and the Butt (pictured left respectively) have done well adapting to her. I was worried about this. My first cat (KeeKee) was female and really did not like it when we introduced her to the Butt. Her whole personality changed, and she was never the same playful thing she was when she lived with just me. She's since passed on, and the Butt was terribly lonely without her. So we got Ringo here, the giant doofus. He's a very friendly little boy who ended up becoming the Butt's best buddy. We figured it was because they're both neutered males that they got along so well. After time, Ringo took up the role of patriarch around here. We occasionally have a dog visit the house; Ringo would poof his tail right up and hiss at whichever dog should ask to play. The Butt was always right behind him. They were the dynamic duo of the household.

Enter Simry. The day I went to pick her up at the shelter, she was completely ready to leave. I'm used to kittens of her age being scared and timid when put into a cat carrier and taken off in a car. Simry wasn't scared one bit. She wasn't scared when I took her out of her cage and tried to isolate her from the boys before the first encounter. She wasn't even scared of the boys when she met them. She immediately made the space around her very clear so the boys wouldn't cross it. She'd arch her back and crab walk at them if they got too close. The boys weren't too frightened of her, but more curious. They didn't like it too much when she was defensive about their sniffing her.

She quickly got over all of her defensiveness, though. She made fast friends with Ringo (who is only about a year older than her) and they started to chase each other around the house playfully within the first 24 hours of being introduced. The Butt took a little longer, but he's come around. It took about a week.

Now, each of the boys will try to bathe Simry when everyone settles down to play or write on the internet after a long day. She's still reluctant, but only because she'd rather not get bathed - she'd rather play. She is by far the most playful kitten I've seen. And I've seen many.

She sleeps between Chris and I, just at my left shoulder. She cuddles right up to me, and this warms my heart. You see, it was my idea to get a third kitten, pushing the cat-to-human, cat-lady ratio. The Butt is essentially Chris's cat, and Ringo was a hasty decision made for the Butt when the Keekee passed. My heart had been broken from having to put down my cat. I wanted a little girl who liked me as much as I liked her. And I think Simry may just be that cat.


ImplausibleYarn said...

Oh I want a cat! Silly landlords...

Sassafrass said...

A landlord that does not permit cats is surely an evil landlord.