Saturday, March 28, 2015


Complete! Took me just over two weeks to do while binging on Mad Men for the fourth time. All I see in the details are Roger Sterling's voice. It's not perfectly centered but it'll do fine in the kitchen. #madmen #embroidery #crewel #crafts #rogersterling #netflixbinge via IFTTT

Friday, March 27, 2015


Trouble, begging for playtime with someone, anyone, please come play! #catsofinstagram #cats #fridaynightforboringpeople via IFTTT

Thursday, March 26, 2015


Progress on the embroidery kit for the kitchen! I'd say I've got less than a week to go, if my fingers can hold up!


Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Two meals made tonight for pennies on the dollar while waiting for Chris to come home from the later shift: mujaddara and sweet potato burritos for the freezer.


Sunday, March 22, 2015


I had vintage, circular Tupperware that just didn't work in the cabinets. Now everything has a proper (square) home, except for the pasta that will promptly be eaten.
I suspect we have much less cabinet space in our home than most. Most of our food is kept downstairs in the basement, all canned up and ready at a moment's notice.

But up here in the main house, I have two "food cabinets" at about the size pictured here. One cabinet is for dried goods (shown) and one is for things like bottled items, teas, peanut butter, and items like this.

We overhauled the kitchen space about a month ago, getting rid of a lot of things that we just don't use or had no need for any longer. We ended up switching everything around and have a much better, more efficient use of space now. 

And just LOOK at these perfect, transparent containers for our dried goods! Flours, sugars, rices, grains, and nuts, all stored nicely in one very, very small cabinet.

Friday, March 20, 2015

Winter Knitting

I powered through winter knitting this season, so let's see if I can recap in any coherent way. I won't include all of the things I knit this winter, but most of them since a few of them are boring and not worthy of comment.

Starting in October...

Stitch Block Cowl by the Purl Bee
 This was a fun knit, especially with the Imperial Yarn (Erin) from Yarnbox. In creamy, natural white, gray, and charcoal colors, this one was a blast to knit, and was extremely functional this past winter. The squish of the Imperial yarn was pretty much everything I love about yarn, and I would so so knit with it again, if only I could come across some inexpensively. I wish I could do a whole sweater out of it!

 Inspira Cowl by Graphica
Color-wise, this one was really fun. But, unfortunately, I didn't like the end product as much as I had hoped. I should have been more aggressive with my decreases and made a tighter bind-off. Still, very pretty and very fun. I'd do it again in other colorful yarns for sure.

Eugenia's Mittens by Mollie Woodworth 
 A gift for my mother-in-law this Christmas. I'm pretty confident my in-laws are not huge fans of home-knit projects, but these gloves were fast and fun to do. It was also especially fun with the cables!

Flax by Tin Can Knits
 A Christmas gift for my nephew, Trevor. He turned one in December, and this superwash yarn from Yarnbox come in great for this project. Again, I'm pretty sure my in-laws aren't fans of handknitting, but I had fun making it regardless. The flax was a great mindless knit; so much that I started my own Flax in January. 

 Tallulah by Sarah Ronchetti
 We were blessed enough to have one of my cousins from France visit for Christmas this year, with his wife and 3 year old Camille. I wasn't able to catch any really good photos of this knit on Camille, but it fit her! And she looked beautiful in it! This knit was a little boring, but knitting it with Madelinetosh Vintage in Cathedral was a thrill.

Crochet Lamb Hat by Sarah Zimmerman

An absolute delight to crochet. Camille has it on backwards in this photo, but she wore it all around the Natural History Museum in New York City. Thrilling to crochet, and the pay off was even better. I love the hat, and so does she :)
#30 Cabled Beanie by Tatiana Butler
 This one was miserable. It was the first project I started right after Christmas knitting was done. I was expected something way better. Oh well. It's wonky, it doesn't fit right (I did my swatch, too!), and it makes me look silly. The yarn is Aslan Trends Invernal, and I really liked it. At least there's that!

That's about it for now, I guess. Like I said, there were a few projects here and there, including a Beehive Slouchy Hat from Suzanne at Beehive Knits. I just didn't get very good picture of it (yet). I also did a Men's Ski Hat in Madelinetosh Pashmina for the neighbor, but I don't think he likes handknit things either. The pattern is fabulous though, and I've used it to knit up many quick knit gifts for men I know.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Breezeway Overhaul Part 2

Back in... jeez, just before Thanksgiving, we finished the breezeway. Well, finished is not the most accurate term. It's in a useable state, but the molding and a few other finishing touches has to wait until the better weather arrives. The snow hasn't melted yet, so we've probably got a few more weeks before it's finished entirely.

The day the doors arrived was hilarious. Chris and I were ready and waiting for the delivery men, who had called the evening prior to make sure we were ready for these doors. The man who was driving the truck described the delivery as "two huge, huge doors" in a charming Latvian accent. 

The doors just barely fit in the breezeway, and they'd stay there for about three days.

On the third day, my father and I, alone, decided to install these behemoths. The front side of the breezeway is elevated about 18" off the ground. It was insane, but we managed to get the door set into the front of the breezeway. 

 Chris came home just in time to help put the back door in, which was substantially easier thanks to the deck being there to allow us to just slide the door set into place.
Luckily, everything was installed within one day, which astounded me. The front door set took about 2 hours, the back door set took maybe 45 minutes, total.
There are a lot of pictures of my father and I installed insulation, electrical work, dry wall, and our new (expensive) tiled floor. I'm not going to post them all here as they're boring and tedious, but I will say that we finished all of the work in a very timely fashion. Just two days before Thanksgiving, we put the last tiles in and let them set. 
I hope to build a small composite step up, as wide as the doors, to put our tiny little pine trees in. The concrete is unattractive and old looking, no matter how much we paint it. Maybe in the better weather, whenever that decides to arrive.

We've had several dinners in there already, and it makes a nice space, even when we need a space heater (that completely kills our electric bill).

Tuesday, March 17, 2015


A month ago. This wasn't even the worst of the snow. It got worse.
It's been a while. No surprise there. The winter was long, hard, and full of snow. The picture to the left is pretty much all I saw for the majority of the season: snow, covered in darkness. There's still some snow on the ground, even now. The birds are singing and the days are longer, so hopefully, we'll get spring moving into full gear soon.

I've been hard at work, despite the winter, doing all sorts of fun things and squirreling away money for the summer ahead. 

Speaking of money, I was going to write a whole different blog about our situation, and how we've devised a clever plan to get ahead. Chris told me that I should just stick it here, and actually update this thing every now and again, although I doubt many people would be very interested in my schemes.

I guess money will be something I write about here too, then. I'll try to do a better job of updates, especially now that spring is coming on and we can be a little more lively.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Breezeway Overhaul Part 1

It's been really busy around here lately. We've finally finished the breezeway for the most part, just in time for the serious cold and snow of our New England winters.

Almost every work night, we've been pushing to get it done until a few weeks ago. We were trying to get everything done for Thanksgiving dinner, and we made it by the skin of our teeth!

I'll start out at the beginning.

There aren't many pictures of the breezeway when we first bought the home. It, like most of the house, was in bad shape. This is the only picture I could find, and it's not very informative. 

This is the breezeway in May of 2011, one and a half years after we bought the house. We took this picture after what we thought was a major overhaul of the breezeway. All we really did was paint the floor in concrete paint, sanded down the exterior of the wood, and painted it. Made it look a lot nicer, but still outdated.

First things being first, my father and I removed the awning of the breezeway and saved it for potential later use.
 Then, my dear father started to tear the breezeway walls apart. He seemed to enjoy this part the most. It just made me worry, ha ha. 

That's about where we ended for the first day of work. We started on October 6, when we got notification that the ridiculously large glass doors we had custom-made were going to be delivered.

Just to give you an idea: these doors are over 90 inches tall, and have three glass panels on them, framed in steel. The span of the three doors is over 100 inches wide. Only my father and I were going to be around to install these behemoths on both the front and back side of the breezeway.

The last picture here depicts the way the breezeway stayed for about a week or so. I'll  never forget how airy and clear it felt with those old wooden window walls down. I'd open the screen door in the morning and have the sun stream into the kitchen, which never happened before. The cats laid in the sun on the kitchen rugs, and there was a nice cross-breeze.

Things look a lot different now, but those posts are to come...